The thumb controller for OpenAR 2.0

As a part of OpenAR 2.0 headset is the implementation of the SoundxVision Input Exploration Kit, an open-source thumb mounted input device for controlling the headset. This controller senses the finger gestures and communicate with the headset via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Rendered image of the thumb mounted controller.

Sharing the same principle with the OpenAR 2.0 headset, we have made this thumb controller DIY friendly. The controller’s components are accessible to buy and build comprising a Seeed Xiao BLE Sense boards, an array of force sensitive resistors and thin film resistors. By using the Seeed Xiao BLE Sense as the main board, users have the ability to modify the controller even further via onboard general-purpose input/outputs with sensors and actuators for more use cases.

Explore more with machine learning

As the “Sense” part on the main board’s name suggested, it comes with built-in inertial measurement units (LSM6DS3 accelerometer and gyroscope) and MEMS-based microphone for motion and audio data, so that users can create their own machine learning models with a ML platform such as EdgeImpulse. With this ability, the thumb mounted can be used for hand gestures and voice recognition.

Better fits

The thumb controller consists of two parts a thumb mounting part and a components insert. In term of ergonomic, the thumb mounting part is interchangeable for different thumb sizes. It is easy to change the mounting part, slide out the components insert and put it in the mounting part that fits.

Thumb mounting part and the components insert.

Hand interfaces

Initially, this controller supports the basic navigating gestures. To take full advantages, this thumb controller can combined with a hand tracking system for implementing hand graphical user interfaces using the hand transforms and thumb gesture recognition data for intuitive interactions.

By using the thumb controller for OpenAR 2.0, our goal is to expand the usage of the headset with intuitive interactions.

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