Human optimized XR project

Five Finnish universities (University of Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Eastern Finland, Tampere University, University of Oulu) have started a project to document the state of the art of user experience in XR. They are scientifically evaluating the best metrics and measurement thresholds to recommend for the XR industry. Read more about Human Optimized XR – or HUMOR – project here.

There is also an unused opportunity to exploit gaps and peculiarities of human senses and perception in clever and new ways. These could lead to better user experience and increased business opportunities with less cost.

Steven M LaValle

The major challenge to XR industry growth is human incompatibility with current XR solutions. Current systems cause tiredness, discomfort and even nausea to the users. The reason is that the systems are not properly optimized to the human perception system. The systems are made by engineers, not by specialists working in both engineering and perception science domain.  


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