Spatial8’s media publishes the Open AR community Strategic Roadmap

Spatial8, the Business enabler for brands looking to solve problems through emerging technologies publishes an open AR roadmap in their news channel
Spatial News™- about the immense potential and possibilities the Open AR hardware and software might open for the upcoming future METAVERSE SPECTRUM development and might be a good platform to share our content for different use cases that might be used in various fields and is applicable for endless problems existing in the XR market.

The open AR concept in Finland started with the idea of making DIY first POC -prototype version 1.0 open AR design (with mentoring from Prof. Pasi Vahimaa and Head of the Institute of Photonics, Prof. Jyrki Saarinen- Principal Investigator for the HumOR project at University of Eastern Finland) by our chief laboratory expert at the Institute of Photonics, Department of Physics and Mathematics, Tommi Itkonen (Inventor of the First version 1.0 of the Open AR glasses) and manufacturing of the parts with their assembly was performed by Outi Kaltiainen during the ongoing HumOR project funded by Business Finland.
I believe that in the coming future the Open AR concept is widened by the Open AR community founded by the XR Coordinator Jani Vallirinne at the University of Oulu jointly with Prof. Steve Lavalle and Prof. Jyrki Saarinen.
The major next steps still depend on our workflow with key industry players, partners, universities, contributors, inventors, and wants to be a common platform to produce low-cost solutions. we have a great team of Inventors, researchers, and key players here at the University who can support such developments ” says Early Stage Researcher, Dipanjan Das, working in the Department of Physics and Mathematics, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, North Karelia, Finland.

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