2022-2026 Strategic Technology Roadmap

The roadmap of the DIY open AR glasses is well defined and describes the series of the timeline that the open AR community aims at or will follow after the previous launch of its version 1.0 that happened in January 2022 and upcoming launches that will happen in coming years (2022-2026)  to follow with updated hardware (checking sensitivity to environmental conditions and having the best sustainable solutions) and software interfaces (building APIs or apps).

The open AR Team is growing and is on the way to making it happen with an exceptional team of innovators, researchers, contributors, partners, stakeholders, Universities in Finland and abroad as we want to have a global impact and make our open AR platform available! This roadmap contains annual launches with a press release of DIY open AR versions 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 & higher with the SPIE AR VR MR conference and for the exhibitors to see and suggest us new ideas of the further improvements needed and what use cases they might see for the next version to be implemented.

The updated versions will be added with basic features like Bluetooth, Audio, camera with object recognition, haptics, multimodal interaction, low-cost eye-tracking, and parallel software or API supports will be developed to interface or tether them with smart devices or cell phones we carry. The open AR community will also introduce an app store with examples and business models in place which is currently the team’s priority. The community experts aim to use the idea of making your own glasses in different fields: education, training, learning, laboratory use, and many use cases where it might fit in.

Link to the roadmap: https://openar.fi/roadmap-of-diy-open-ar-glasses/

**This roadmap will be updated with the above timeline.

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